Tacoma Limo Bus has the best prices guaranteed. We are committed to bringing only the best to our clients, and that includes pricing! You won't find a better deal anywhere else! And best of all, no hidden fees! Our rentals include unlimited stops and mileage and we include all taxes in the quotes we provide, so you can rest assured the price we say is the price you pay. Ask about our special airport rates!

Because we stay so competitive and up-to-date with our pricing, we do not publish rates on line. Our prices are always changing and to avoid any confusion, it's easier to have people call us so that they can get a correct accurate quote. The cost of gas and parts to maintain the fleet are examples of why the prices are changing. Give us a call any time day or night for your quote! Our agents will be happy to answer any questions!

There are times in which the cost of renting may be higher or lower. We have a peak time around spring/summer during the wedding and prom season where the cost is higher than the other times of the year. This is when we are most busy and can rent out up to a year in advanced. There's also times during the week in which renting could me more expensive or cheaper. During the weekdays, the cost is lower than it is on the weekend. Saturdays are the most expensive days. If you are looking to save any money, try having your event during a non-peak time during a week day.

Another great way to save money is to split the cost with everyone who is going. It makes a multiple hundred dollar burden to a low double digit cost that's much more doable. When you call, ask if we are running any specials, we will always try to help you plan the transportation so that you are saving the most money but not compromising on anything luxury. To make your reservation, you'll have to pay a deposit so be prepared with a credit or debit card. You can either pay the full amount for your reservation on a card over of the phone or you can pay the rest in cash to the driver when it's time for your reservation. When you call for a quote, please have the following ready so that we can give you an accurate quote so you know what you'll have to pay. Your name, phone number, email, date of service, time of service, number of passengers, and pick up location. We look forward to quoting you for transportation to your events. Call us today!